Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Iron Cupcake Exotic Challenge Results!

Last night’s challenge was a winner! 
Next to Mango Tango and Mango Lassi FingerSweets’ Chocolate Salted Licorice was the only chocolate mini on the table. With very few entries the Chocolate Salted Licorice was placed best among the Bakers and also received the Judge's Choice award presented by Devin McDavid, executive pastry chef of Quince and Cotogna restaurants.

Let’s see what turns up in next month’s alcohol challenge.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Iron Cupcake SF Challenge!

Unique, Different, and Exotic are the name of the game this month for the Iron Cupcake Challenge.

FingerSweets brings the exotic level of creativity to the public on a regular basis and this month it is the Salted Black Licorice at Miette that has taste buds salivating. FingerSweets’ spin on the Salted Black Licorice in cupcake form is Chocolate Salted Licorice.

The Chocolate Salted Licorice mini offers a chocolate licorice cake with a vanilla bean licorice frosting sprinkled with Fluer de Sel and topped with a slice of Panda licorice.

The subtle licorice flavor paired with chocolate and salt is a combination I have never experienced, have you?

Check back for the results.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Iron Cupcake Citrus Challenge Results!

Lots of orange, a little lemon, and a lime were just some of the hits in tonight’s challenge. 
FingerSweets’ Almond Orange was delightful, tasty, and for me personally a bit dreamy but with the tough competition this mini was to the side for the winners. Orange Creamsicle was a favorite among the ten bakers tonight while Strawberry Lemonade, Blood Orange Margarita, and Chocolate Orange Cardamom hit the spot as a few other yummy entries in the challenge.  

Come see what turns up next month in the challenge theme Exotic.

Iron Cupcake SF Challenge!

Iron Cupcake SF has heated up and it’s time to sit back, relax, and refresh with this month’s citrus challenge.

FingerSweets is showcasing the complimentary blend of citrus and nuts in an Almond Orange cupcake. This mini brings together the flavors in an almond orange cake with an orange vanilla bean frosting enhanced with a tinge of Grand Mariner and decorated with toasted, crushed almonds. 
The Almond Orange mini is sure to be a refreshing treat.

Keep checking back as results will be revealed.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Iron Cupcake Honey Challenge Results!

It’s been one and a half years participating at the Iron Cupcake SF and I have to say tonight’s event was the most unique and memorable of all.

With only a few bakers, Liz and Will’s positive energy kept the evening going on an uplifting note. They rallied and regrouped leaving the cupcake judging to the professionals.

Professionals, yes, that is right. The Leland Tea Company welcomed Mission Minis, Owner, Brandon Arnovick and Head Baker, Veronica Sanchez to judge the honey creations.

What an honor it was to have Brandon and Veronica comment specifically on my Jalapeno Honey Corn mini cupcake. To my surprise, they loved the mini and voted for it as the 1st place winner!

Keep checking in as the next challenge is Citrus!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Iron Cupcake SF Challenge!

Do you hear the buzz, I hear the buzz, It’s honey time!

The sweet food made by bees is this month’s challenge and FingerSweets is bringing something that makes you want to take these minis to the park for a bbq.

Jalapeno Honey Corn is today's entry. 
A sweet honey corn cake with a honey jalapeno cream cheese frosting.  
This will be sure to give you a mild kick.

The sweet and heat are a tasty balance. Let’s see if the judges agree.
Stay Tuned…

Monday, March 26, 2012

Iron Cupcake Brunch Challenge Results!

Breakfast for dinner, that’s how the Iron Cupcake Challenge felt tonight.
This month few bakers entered the challenge but the result was a spread covering all brunch favorites. FingerSweets’ Streusel Spice Crumb was up against some very uniquely combined flavors like Jewish Deli (smoked salmon & chive pound cupcake), Chicken & Waffles (a tasty combination so many of us have grown to love), and Salted Caramel Macchiato (Starbucks in cupcake form) that unfortunately the inspired crumb cake remained as just a side item.

Next up, the challenge is Honey!

Iron Cupcake SF Challenge

It’s Monday and Iron Cupcake SF is making the weekend feel just a wee bit longer with this month’s Brunch inspired challenge.

Who doesn’t like the taste of a sweet, cinnamon, nutty morning treat? It doesn't get better than having this tiny bit of a heaven anytime of the day. FingerSweets’ Streusel Spice Crumb will be one you can eat over and over again.
The streusel spice cake with a lightly drizzled glaze is the perfect amount of sweet to get the day started or ended.

Let’s see how this mini stands up to other brunch time favorites.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Iron Cupcake Aphrodisiac Challenge Results!

The Iron Cupcake SF Challenge was a love affair that lasted only a few hours. The combinations were hot and sweet.

FingerSweets’ Banana Chocolate Chip was boosted with a double dose of aphrodisiac flavors yet was surpassed by many HOT tastes.  Red Hot Velvet and Hell Fire Apple had everyone on fire but In the Mood and Drunken Chocolate Cherry balanced the crowd out. 
March is up next with Brunch inspired cupcakes. Stay Tuned!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Iron Cupcake SF Challenge!

Aphrodisiac: a substance that increases sexual desire.

Want to keep your sexual desire going, check out this aphrodisiac challenge and see if the combinations will have you on the road to love. FingerSweets is going strong with a double combination deal, Banana Chocolate Chip. 

This Banana Chocolate Chip mini is composed of a banana chocolate chip cake, a classy creamy dark chocolate frosting, and topped with a banana chip to add that perfect crunch. 

Let’s see if this double sexual combination takes the lead!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Iron Cupcake Black & White Challenge Results!

Fancy Smancy, this formal Black & White Iron Cupcake SF Challenge was an upscale affair. Minis were dressed to impress with many oreo inspired ideas and a monotone coconut delight. 

FingerSweets’ Chocolate Cream danced the dance but unfortunately did not shine when it came to Hostess with the Mostess, Baach and White, What a Hoot, and Coconut Man.

We’ll see what happen next in February for the Aphrodisiac challenge.
What combinations would you like to see for this inspired love cupcake?

Iron Cupcake SF Challenge!

It’s a new year and the Iron Cupcake SF challenge is kicking off a formal Black & White theme.

FingerSweets is putting its best foot forward with a Chocolate Cream mini. With a simple twist to the cupcake filling this mini takes that hostess cupcake flavor and transforms it with sophistication.
The Chocolate Cream mini is composed of a chocolate cake with a special cream filling, a thin layer of chocolate ganache and a dollop of cream filling to finish its the aesthetic appearance.

Check back and see if this simple mini will place in tonight’s challenge.