Monday, July 25, 2011

Iron Cupcake Alcohol Challenge Results!

It was tough competition tonight at the Iron Cupcake Challenge. There were so many tasty liquor combinations.  From Dark & Stormy (a ginger inspired mini), Hot Toddy (apple brandy infused), to an Irish Car Bomb, the FingerSweets D209 Spiced Gin had a lot to compete against. 
Happily though, the D209 Spiced Gin was well liked amongst the experts. The bakers themselves all agreed this cupcake deserved to receive the Bakers Choice Award. Thanks to all the bakers who participated and enjoyed the Distillery 209 Spiced Gin creation.

Next challenge is perfect for the season so stay tuned to see what develops with stone fruit.

Iron Cupcake SF Challenge!

FingerSweets is going into it’s 12th Iron Cupcake Challenge tonight and we’re bringing the exclusive Distillery No. 209 Spiced Gin Cupcake to all the Leland Tea cupcake connoisseurs.
The subtle and clean taste of the D209 Spiced Gin Cupcake will expose you to another world of dessert pairings. 

Visit Spice Sherpa’s blog to view a special guest entry on how the creation of the D209 Cupcake came to be. Don’t forget to poke around Spice Sherpa's site, there's a lot of interesting and informative tidbits to find.

To be continued later tonight with the cupcake challenge results!