Monday, January 30, 2012

Iron Cupcake Black & White Challenge Results!

Fancy Smancy, this formal Black & White Iron Cupcake SF Challenge was an upscale affair. Minis were dressed to impress with many oreo inspired ideas and a monotone coconut delight. 

FingerSweets’ Chocolate Cream danced the dance but unfortunately did not shine when it came to Hostess with the Mostess, Baach and White, What a Hoot, and Coconut Man.

We’ll see what happen next in February for the Aphrodisiac challenge.
What combinations would you like to see for this inspired love cupcake?

Iron Cupcake SF Challenge!

It’s a new year and the Iron Cupcake SF challenge is kicking off a formal Black & White theme.

FingerSweets is putting its best foot forward with a Chocolate Cream mini. With a simple twist to the cupcake filling this mini takes that hostess cupcake flavor and transforms it with sophistication.
The Chocolate Cream mini is composed of a chocolate cake with a special cream filling, a thin layer of chocolate ganache and a dollop of cream filling to finish its the aesthetic appearance.

Check back and see if this simple mini will place in tonight’s challenge.