Monday, April 25, 2011

Iron Cupcake Citrus Challenge Results!

Citrus Sweets…YUM!
Mango Lime Cilantro was only one of many lime flavored delights. 
All tasted and voted and the results of this bold and tangy flavor gained 3rd place recognition.

Thanks to my good friend in San Anselmo who offered inspiration for the delicious combination.

Next SF Iron Cupcake Challenge is Movies.  A call to Movie goers, what do you think should be considered for next month’s challenge?

Iron Cupcake SF Challenge!

It’s that time again, I’ve tested, tasted and time has run out!
The Citrus challenge is tonight and FingerSweets is going in with a twist of a flavor.

Let me introduce, Mango Lime Cilantro!

Spring is in the air and this refreshing and tangy mini cupcake brings together a mango lime cake with a mango preserve filling and cilantro lime frosting topped with lime zest.

Stayed tuned for tonight’s competition results!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Cupcake Philosophy

I am often asked what makes my mini cupcakes different. Aside from the personal attachment I have to these cute cakes there is a defined reasoning why I believe FingerSweets (mini cupcakes) are superior to others.

Observations of a Typical Mint Cupcake:

Typically, retail cupcakes are a basic cake flavor (vanilla, chocolate, yellow) paired with a flavored frosting that denotes the cupcake as a particular kind.  For instance, take a Chocolate Mint cupcake.  Many retail establishments use their basic chocolate recipe and top it with a mint frosting (sometimes the green kind).  To the general public, it works and this is a successful Chocolate Mint cupcake.   My interpretation of the same thing is vastly different and is what I think brings my creations to a gourmet level.

The FingerSweets Chocolate Mint Cupcake:

A basic chocolate cake infused with mint extract and Andes mints.  My standard chocolate frosting enhanced with mint extract to get that cool burst of minty yumminess.   I don’t stop there; chopped Andes mints decorate and put the finishing touch on capturing as much mint flavor as you can get out of every mini bite.


I rarely use a basic recipe as a stand alone without any additions (unless it is my Vanilla Lemon Meringue where I let the creamy lemon curd be the star in the tasty basic vanilla cake).  

My development process is cyclical which allows me to capture a depth of flavor throughout a mini cupcake.  My goal is to avoid any possibility of flavor separation in the mouth by making sure there are flavor connections in the cake and the frosting.  My method I believe is what makes FingerSweets a gourmet item and superior to other cupcakes.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Distillery No. 209 Spiced Gin Cupcake

It’s a Distillery No. 209 Spiced Gin Cupcake day!   

Check out this fantastic opportunity FingerSweets had with Spice Sherpa

FingerSweets was asked to write a guest blog for Spice Sherpa about the Exclusive Distillery No. 209 Spiced Gin Cupcakes.  The idea to develop this piece came out of a posting Spice Sherpa did on “10 Awesome Coriandor Combinations”.  Through our collaboration the Exclusive Distillery No. 209 Spiced Gin Cupcake blog post emerged. 

Click above to get the inside scoop on how these exclusive mini cupcakes came to be.