Monday, May 21, 2012

Iron Cupcake Citrus Challenge Results!

Lots of orange, a little lemon, and a lime were just some of the hits in tonight’s challenge. 
FingerSweets’ Almond Orange was delightful, tasty, and for me personally a bit dreamy but with the tough competition this mini was to the side for the winners. Orange Creamsicle was a favorite among the ten bakers tonight while Strawberry Lemonade, Blood Orange Margarita, and Chocolate Orange Cardamom hit the spot as a few other yummy entries in the challenge.  

Come see what turns up next month in the challenge theme Exotic.

Iron Cupcake SF Challenge!

Iron Cupcake SF has heated up and it’s time to sit back, relax, and refresh with this month’s citrus challenge.

FingerSweets is showcasing the complimentary blend of citrus and nuts in an Almond Orange cupcake. This mini brings together the flavors in an almond orange cake with an orange vanilla bean frosting enhanced with a tinge of Grand Mariner and decorated with toasted, crushed almonds. 
The Almond Orange mini is sure to be a refreshing treat.

Keep checking back as results will be revealed.