Friday, April 15, 2011

Cupcake Philosophy

I am often asked what makes my mini cupcakes different. Aside from the personal attachment I have to these cute cakes there is a defined reasoning why I believe FingerSweets (mini cupcakes) are superior to others.

Observations of a Typical Mint Cupcake:

Typically, retail cupcakes are a basic cake flavor (vanilla, chocolate, yellow) paired with a flavored frosting that denotes the cupcake as a particular kind.  For instance, take a Chocolate Mint cupcake.  Many retail establishments use their basic chocolate recipe and top it with a mint frosting (sometimes the green kind).  To the general public, it works and this is a successful Chocolate Mint cupcake.   My interpretation of the same thing is vastly different and is what I think brings my creations to a gourmet level.

The FingerSweets Chocolate Mint Cupcake:

A basic chocolate cake infused with mint extract and Andes mints.  My standard chocolate frosting enhanced with mint extract to get that cool burst of minty yumminess.   I don’t stop there; chopped Andes mints decorate and put the finishing touch on capturing as much mint flavor as you can get out of every mini bite.


I rarely use a basic recipe as a stand alone without any additions (unless it is my Vanilla Lemon Meringue where I let the creamy lemon curd be the star in the tasty basic vanilla cake).  

My development process is cyclical which allows me to capture a depth of flavor throughout a mini cupcake.  My goal is to avoid any possibility of flavor separation in the mouth by making sure there are flavor connections in the cake and the frosting.  My method I believe is what makes FingerSweets a gourmet item and superior to other cupcakes.


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