Monday, October 24, 2011

Iron Cupcake Candy Challenge Results!

Time to brush the teeth and visit the dentist! Tonight’s challenge was very very sweeeeet!

A small sampling but a tasty outcome. Cupcake candies such as Caramel Apple and Candy Cap Mushroom made their way into the winning circle but most unique in my opinion was Dutch Salty Licorice. The taste was salty black licorice but combined with some sugar the balance of salty and sweet was surprisingly good.

Almond Joy or in this case Chocolate Coconut Almond made it's mark coming in at 2nd place.

Let's see what comes up next month with Herbs/Spices for the November Challenge.


Michael Gerber said...

I got to sample the pumpkin spice cupcakes. They are soooooo goooood, and the spices make them irresitable!!!! The care and knowledge that Amy brings to cupcake making is truely impressive.

FingerSweets said...

Thanks Michael, So glad you enjoyed the Pumpkin Maple Spice cupcakes and thanks for all your help with this site.

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