Monday, April 30, 2012

Iron Cupcake Honey Challenge Results!

It’s been one and a half years participating at the Iron Cupcake SF and I have to say tonight’s event was the most unique and memorable of all.

With only a few bakers, Liz and Will’s positive energy kept the evening going on an uplifting note. They rallied and regrouped leaving the cupcake judging to the professionals.

Professionals, yes, that is right. The Leland Tea Company welcomed Mission Minis, Owner, Brandon Arnovick and Head Baker, Veronica Sanchez to judge the honey creations.

What an honor it was to have Brandon and Veronica comment specifically on my Jalapeno Honey Corn mini cupcake. To my surprise, they loved the mini and voted for it as the 1st place winner!

Keep checking in as the next challenge is Citrus!


Spice Sherpa said...

Glad to see a post from you. Honey, corn, and jalepeno--perfect for Cinco de Mayo. Your cupcake skills are second to none!

Sagan Piechota Architecture said...

Congratulations Amy - well done!

We're only too happy to submit to your taste testing as required, no worries. Can't wait for the Citrus candidates... mmmmm.

Your pals at Sagan Piechota Architecture

p.s. any recipes on the horizon?

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